Portfolio of Projects, Products, and Solution Offerings

ALife Studios has a long history of developing top quality games and applications. Our team is able to lead a project from the high-level conceptual stage through the production and testing phases. Below you can find products that have been released along with solutions that have been implemented in successful projects.


Brain Music

We are currently developing a revolutionary new music device that will allow you to listen to your own brain. The music is generated by applying Artificial Intelligence algorithms to EEG signals. We expect to release the first device in 2016. The next generation of this device will even allow you "brain jams" with your friends by synchronizing the individual brain waves and the associated sounds into one coherent piece of music.

Brain Toy

Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions

Several research areas related to image analysis provide new opportunities for innovation in games and business applications. Image analysis algorithms, 2-dimensional (2D) and 3-demensional (3D) material manipulation, alignment, and mapping techniques are applied to engage the viewer. ALife Studios is provider independent, meaning that we can integrate technology solutions from any provider and are not bound to exclusively promote any specific vendor's libraries.

Hybrid toy

We have developed a custom toy software that combines Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence in a unique and exciting fashion. The toy Elite CommandAR has won the Best Toy Award 2012 at the New York Toy Fair.

Hybrid Toy - Elite-CommandAR

Marker Based AR

Mobile devices with cameras, combined with real-time image analysis provide a platform for augmented reality applications. Marker-based AR consists of pattern detection with the added complexities of detecting orientation in order to composite perspective-correct objects with a real scene. Continuous updates allow the 3D objects to always be aligned to the markers and follow them no matter how the view is oriented. Furthermore, the AR scene can be extended by adding an array of markers and allowing the perceived scene to be virtually unbounded.

Augmented Reality - Gator

Location Based AR

Mobile devices with advanced capabilities such as GPS, compass, and gyroscopic sensors, combined with camera and map data allow for a fully aware location-based AR environment to be constructed. Enhanced map data with geo-tagged locations provide rich information to the viewer. Filters and user-generated metadata can supplement the visualized information space. Applications such as travel guides and games that immerse players by combining real-world elements are the target of this research.

Augmented Reality - LBS

Virtual Learning AR Applications

Instructional procedures based on complex tasks are delivered in an intuitive step-by-step follow-along format.

Augmented Reality - LBS


Mobile Games & Apps

Our team has developed and sold a wide range of mobile games and applications for 3G, 3.5G and 4G+ network-enabled mobile devices. More information about these games and applications can be found on our games and apps portal www.botme.com.


Social Media

iSink U Facebook Edition

iSink U Facebook Edition boasts all the gameplay features of a classic naval strategy game while also incorporating features such as social networking and customization. Players can customize their entire fleet as well as their own personal avatars and engage in battle in real-time multiplayer mode on Facebook.


ToonMates® is a fun and adventurous social game featuring edgy and humorous content and gameplay. Players can build their own ToonMates world with a wide array of customization and upgrade options as they interact with other players on Facebook.


Business Applications

Mobile Property

m-Property is a rich mobile client application that connects to a content distribution server that delivers data from a property record repository. Meta-data such as geo-location and other tags may be filtered and used to suggest results to the application user.

m-Health - telematics platform for telemedicine

GluCoMo is the first in a series of healthcare-related applications developed to address the needs to patients with chronic illnesses. The healthcare applications connect to a telemedicine platform, Opus-M™ Health.


Other Platforms Solutions

ALife Studios leverages production tools developed by our team and licensed from Artificial Life, Inc. for the rapid development of mobile applications

Opus-M™ - unified services delivery platform for m-commerce

Opus-M™ is a technology platform licensed from Artificial Life, Inc.. Opus-M is a carrier grade, unified mobile technology platform. Opus-M is the cornerstone for enabling innovative and interactive mobile solutions. ALife Studios develops solutions based on Opus-M to meet specific enterprise customer requirements.

MoPA-TV® - mobile participation television platform

MoPA-TV® stands for "mobile participation television". It is a unique interactive television game show format and technology platform that gives viewers the opportunity to be participants in live TV shows from the comfort of their very own homes and to see themselves represented on their TV screens in real time via their mobile devices.